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Localisation: Wendisch Rietz, Germany
Type of sauna: SPA & WELLNESS
Ceremonies: YES!

Description: Satama is a resort or rather small sauna town located in Wendisch Rietz near Berlin. It’s known for the biggest sauna called "Sauna Theater" where Saunamasters presents amazing theatrical performances every day. The whole sauna town lies near the lake which is surrounded by charming cottages with climatic rooms. There is a lighthouse in the center which is also the main entrance to the sauna Marina. It’s called like that because „Satama” in Finnish just means Marina. From the beginning we experience very hearty and professional service. After buying tickets we get bands that are keys to the lockers and transponders for shopping. Then we go down. Modern and new changing rooms stretch towards two exits leading upstairs. The first one is leading to the inner sauna area where we can find milder saunas: Tyrolean, Bio with color, Fairy-tale-like in which we listen to fairy tales, Salty where peelings takes place and finally a Steam and salt bath. Leaving the locker room by second exit we go to the restaurant where we can buy a delicious wheat beers from a local brewery and eat delicious meals with prices similar to Polish resorts. Both the inner sauna zone and the restaurant lead to outer zone that really makes the biggest impression. Garden contain hot Siberian Bania (in which our irreplaceable Rysiu Rak felt like at home during his ceremonies), hotter sauna Tuli (fire) and sauna Maa (Earth) where the temperature is between 100 and 120 degrees. In addition to saunas there is a warm pool, a huge number of sunbeds and places for cooling, including the entrance to the glacial lake. Of course You can not forget the pride of the object "Sauna Theater" with the five-meter stove and place for 200 people and the sound system and lighting as the best nightclub. Above this huge sauna is a big rest room with super comfy couches and beds where you can fly away very quickly to Morpheus arms.


Comment: I arrived to Satama on the occasion of the Polish Sauna Night and the Sauna Cup 2016 finals. This charming place contains a huge amount of interesting attractions. Everyone will find something for themselves. Everything is mixed with the incredible atmosphere of courtesy and serenity of all complex staff. Local sauna fans reacts very spontaneously and despite the fact that they are accustomed to great shows by the local Saunamasters, they were highly rewarding for our native Towel Champions. I recommend to any sauna fan to not only visit this place but to stay longer in this wonderful place. For Polish and other sauna fans an additional encouragement may be the presence of the fastest Polish towel - Mateusz Kupiński who have recently started to work in Satama and provide sauna ceremonies. Satama is marked on our map as recommended resort which promotes correct sauna principles.

Huge thanks to all Satama crew. To Janine and Sabine and to our best Polish Saunamasters for a wonderful sauna night and memorable ceremonies during the Sauna Cup 2016 finals. Big thanks to the whole group of judges: the presiding Leszek Kryniewski and Leszek Pustułka who also organized the Polish sauna night. Arek Rawza, Ivo Kowalski, Frank Keller, Rene Kowatsch and Rob Keijzer - thakns a lot for your support. Of course you cannot forget the sponsors. Thanks to the Bassau company and Avalon Development. Here are some memories immortalized by our irreplaceable and the best photographer on the World - Rysiu Rak (fotorak.com.pl)


Polish Saunamasters working in Satama





Sauna fans evaluation:  Price 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 3.39 (9 Votes) Proper sauna rules 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 2.36 (18 Votes) Service 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.21 (7 Votes)    Decration / Equipment 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 3.65 (10 Votes)