Saunia Prague

Our crew from visited the amazing Czech sauna called “Saunia” which is located in Nove Butovice Gallery (about 10 minutes from the city center by metro (metro station is also called Nove Butovice).  We had heard about it from Jiri Zakovski who we met at Termy Rzymskie on the Aufguss WM Qualifications . It turned out that he worked at “Saunia”. When we got there, Jiri, our sauna master of that day, took us from the reception and gave us a quick tour of the facility. At first we saw a big dressing room with about 180 cabinets which sugested that the place was prepared for huge number of guests. After changing our tour began.
There is a bar in front of the entrance, where all the guests can see the awards won by the sauna masters who work there. In the bar you can buy cold drinks (beer, lemonade etc.), snacks and many kinds of sauna cosmetics. There are some tables near the bar, where you can sit and consume bar specials. On the right, there is wellness area (which takes up two floors) and there are two entrances to the sauna area. The Wellness area consists of a few separated areas. It is a peaceful and silent place with candles brightening up the darkness. When we were there, we were almost late for rituals. You could really forget yourself there.
Saunas are located along the horseshoe shaped corridor. Going through the first entrance we have: a steam sauna, a herbal sauna, a coolness area with a lot of showers, two buckets with cold water, a bucket with ice and a big pool with cold water. Next we have a sauna with steam supply, a salt sauna, a tropical sauna and a Finnish sauna. There are a towel hangers near the saunas and, what we find very interesting, there are special shelves for glasses. Some saunas look really unusual, for example the herbal sauna is a mixed of modern style and wooden elements: ceiling, pillars etc. Another example is the salt sauna where you can only lie down in front of the wall which is covered with salt. Next example is the sauna with steam supply (most ceremonies are performed here), where every five minute water  automatically pours out and  steam spreads all over the room.
        There were variety rituals that day - from very relaxing and calm ones where Jiri in a masterful way was pouring out the steam, to special ones on the highest level. Among them we had an oportunity to see  the ceremony which was prepared for Aufguss WM finals in Terme Bussloo (our visit had been a few days before finals, so it was great fun for us).
First ritual that I’m going to describe is the “Time Traveler”. It was a story of a traveler who in the first part of the ceremony was moved to Ancient China where he heated up the atmosphere so much that Chinese people are remember it up now. Next he moved to the Wild West where, using his towel, he fought with the natives. However, the final act took place in the future were the temperature was so high that we felt like in hell (which is of course heaven for every sauna fan). Jiri’s technique during this performance was amazing. It was a huge pleasure to watch him and we thought that it was not a coincidence that he was in the Aufgus WM finals. It would be really nice to see rituals like that one in the future.
        Our last ceremony of that day, was the ritual wich was prepared for the Aufguss WM finals. The sauna master took us for an adventure to the middle of a forest with a lot of wild animals. Music mixed with sounds of the forest could frighten some of the guests. Emotions grew even higher when, at one moment, Jiri saved a man from snake bite as snake was hidden under one of the bench. The sauna master showed us that he is really skillful, he had great idea for the ritual, he chose great music, excellent outfit and he presented a great sense of good humor. He had contact with the audience all the time, telling us what was happening at each moment, that was why we survived that dangerous situation. All of this happened during great sauna master towel work. It was a really nice ritual and we really enjoyed it immensely.
        And that’s how we ended our visit in the Czech sauna. It is a place that is definitely worth recommending. Everyone who is in Prague should find a few hours and go to “Saunia”, the perfect place to relax. And what is most important this is a place with proper sauna rules where two skillful sauna masters work. You will not regret it if you go there !